Stockhealth MegaTrace


Trace mineral supplement for optimal performance in livestock

MegaTrace is a unique formulation of high-quality, organic, sea-based minerals in a chelated, bioavailable liquid form that is easily assimilated and absorbed by livestock. Specially created for animals to help address mineral deficiencies, MegaTrace maximises growth potential and optimises production and performance levels.

MegaTrace is an easy to administer, completely balanced mineral package. It can be used in almost any sort of application (feed, water or drench) to ensure that any mineral deficiencies are corrected.

Our special formulation means MegaTrace is readily bioavailable. This means that the minerals can be absorbed or taken-up by the animal, so they can be quickly utilised to address deficiencies and sustain output.

Used regularly, MegaTrace will combat mineral deficiencies and promote health and performance in stock and farm animals.

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Chelated minerals for easy absorption and higher retention.

MegaTrace uses minerals combined with amino acids, known as chelated minerals. The amino acids are readily absorbed by the body of the animal, carrying the minerals with them. This means the minerals are absorbed by the animal at a much greater rate, rather than being lost through digestion. 

For your economical bottom line, as well as for the health of your animals, choose MegaTrace. 

MegaTrace is packed full of minerals for the health of your animals.

A unique combination of 12 essential minerals designed to combat mineral deficiencies and promote performance. 

Boron is a carrier of essential elements to the cells. 

Sulphur aids in metabolic functions. 

Zinc is an important mineral for fertility and growth of young livestock.  

Selenium combats deficiencies leading to White Muscle Disease, and promotes weight gain and increases in lambing percentages.   

Calcium is required for skeletal strength and is important for milk production.  

Cobalt is required for the manufacture of Vitamin B12 and promotes vitality and weight gain.  

Copper promotes weight gain, strength, fleece growth and quality, reproduction and skeletal strength.  

Manganese is important for fertility and reproduction.  

Iodine directly affects thyroid gland secretions which to a great extent control heart action, nerve response, rate of body growth and metabolism.  

Liquid Kelp adds natural trace element minerals to promote growth.  

Magnesium is essential for normal skeletal development, is a constituent of bone, and functions as an enzyme activator in the glycolytic system. 

Phosphorus is involved in bone and teeth formation and energy metabolism, and is also an important component to many enzyme systems. 

When should I administer MegaTrace?

Smaller, regular doses of MegaTrace are more effective than large infrequent megadoses or drenches. Giving animals regular maintenance doses of MegaTrace will help them remain in peak condition.

During times of the year when feed quality is poor or when animals are under more stress, increase the frequency of MegaTrace into their water, feed or drenches. Your animals will be healthier, happier and more productive. 


MegaTrace for Horses

MegaTrace is uniquely formulated to improve the general health of your horse. The chelated mineral composition is a strong, bioavailable formula that can be easily assimilated and absorbed by your horse.

Improve your horse’s general well-being and help them fight illness with MegaTrace.


MegaTrace for Dairy Cattle

MegaTrace Dairy is specially formulated to meet the daily requirements of a dairy cow. It contains the essential elements that a grass fed, lactating dairy cow needs to maintain optimal production and good health, whilst helping to maximise feed-conversion and conception ratios. 

Our farmers report that using MegaTrace as part of their overall strategy has led to increased milk production and profits. The health and well-being of their cattle has improved, and they have observed dramatic reductions in veterinary bills and culling. Try MegaTrace for your dairy cattle today. 

Suggested dosage for dairy cattle:
- 10 mls per cow per day 


MegaTrace for Beef Cattle

MegaTrace is a unique mineral formulation suitable for Beef Cattle which comprises organic, high-quality sea-based minerals 

When you have a large herd of beef cattle, it is essential that any mineral feed supplement is easy to administer. MegaTrace is versatile in application, allowing it to be used in almost any means of feed, water and drenching. MegaTrace saves you time and labour, allowing you to give your cattle a much-needed mineral supplement easily and efficiently. 


MegaTrace for Sheep

MegaTrace has been specially formulated to address the specific mineral deficiencies of a variety of livestock, including sheep. Rich in copper, which is essential for good wool growth, MegaTrace can assist in improving your wool yield. Your flock’s health and resistance to disease can also be improved, leading to better quality and more plentiful wool yields. 

"…for my sons 30yo Shetland pony, the first thing I noticed was her improved coat, it deepened in colour and her coat was like glass. From then on I have been feeding it to the rest of my show ponies. Most recently I have noticed a massive change in my sons new pony coat, again its shiny and sleek, and darkened in colour. Megatrace is such a great product that I will continue using and recommending. "
Kimberley Riemer
"Dealing with Stockhealth is always a satisfying experience. I can just give them a call whenever a customer has a specific question about their situation. The Stockhealth team is really knowledgeable and helpful, and I’m able to go back to my customers with clear help and advice. I also love their easy ordering system, it makes ordering and delivery a breeze. "
Neil Proctor, Feed and Seed

Getting the most out of Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil

For horses within an average-size range, we suggest a daily feeding rate of 30 ml to 70 ml of Flaxseed Oil as a starting point. This will help your horse to adjust to the oil in their diet, and is a perfect amount for general health and conditioning. You should see results within 10-14 days, as long as Flaxseed Oil is given every day. The coat and hair will be softer and shinier and you may notice a difference in mobility and general behaviour. 

For miniature horses, feed 30 ml per day. 

For ponies, feed 40 ml per day.  

For horses 17hh and over feed 60 ml per day. 

If your horse is suffering with an inflammatory condition, such as a skin problem, arthritis or allergies, you may wish to increase the standard daily amount to help treat these conditions.  Consult your vet, and call our experienced team for dosage advice. 

If you are an endurance event rider or race horse owner and you wish to use Flaxseed Oil as an energy source, we suggest a daily feeding rate of between 130 – 200 ml per day.  

For best results, store Flaxseed Oil away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. A dark shed or a fridge are recommended. 


Regular daily doses produce better results than occasional megadoses. Include Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil in your horse’s daily feed schedule for supple joints and shiny coats.