Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil

For shiny coats and healthy animals that glow from the inside out.

Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil is a rich, natural source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that plays an important role in the overall health of farm animals such as horses and dogs. Developed to promote general health and energy as well as shiny coats and glowing condition, Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil is a terrific addition to your animals’ health regime. Safe and helpful for all stock, farm and domestic animals – could your animal benefit from Flaxseed Oil?

Cold-pressed from the finest quality ripe linseed crops sourced from the Cantebury Plains in New Zealand, our Flaxseed Oil is a 100% natural product. Our Flaxseed Oil is pure and unrefined and has not been bleached or deodorised. There are no additives, chemicals or artificial preservatives, and it is GMO free.

For the best way to provide an inexpensive, dependable source of Omega 3 for the care and well-being of your animals, choose Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil.

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Flaxseed Oil for Horses

Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil is the perfect supplement to your horse’s healthy diet. It provides an incredibly rich source of Omega 3 essential fatty acid, which is generally absent from equine feed.

For a boost in energy and softer, shinier coats, choose Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil.


Flaxseed Oil for Dogs

Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil is an inexpensive, convenient way of administering essential fatty acid Omega 3 to your dog’s diet. Our product is a natural, cold-pressed, plant derived oil containing approximately 60% Omega 3, which is a significantly higher percentage than fish oils. Flaxseed Oil is palatable and does not require the addition of garlic or other flavourings to mask the taste and smell, unlike equivalent fish oils. 

For a soft, shiny coat, and more supple movement, provide your dog with Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil today. 

"The Stockhealth products that we stock in store are always in high demand. Our customers report terrific results and we have a consistent turn-over of stock. We’re very happy with all the Stockhealth products."
Mary Carter, General Store.
"I swear by it! Feeding it to broodmares has been great help. Pat Coleby’s book on horses is good reading."

Getting the most out of Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil

For horses within an average-size range, we suggest a daily feeding rate of 30 ml to 70 ml of Flaxseed Oil as a starting point. This will help your horse to adjust to the oil in their diet, and is a perfect amount for general health and conditioning. You should see results within 10-14 days, as long as Flaxseed Oil is given every day. The coat and hair will be softer and shinier and you may notice a difference in mobility and general behaviour. 

For miniature horses, feed 30 ml per day. 

For ponies, feed 40 ml per day.  

For horses 17hh and over feed 60 ml per day. 

If your horse is suffering with an inflammatory condition, such as a skin problem, arthritis or allergies, you may wish to increase the standard daily amount to help treat these conditions.  Consult your vet, and call our experienced team for dosage advice. 

If you are an endurance event rider or race horse owner and you wish to use Flaxseed Oil as an energy source, we suggest a daily feeding rate of between 130 – 200 ml per day.  

For best results, store Flaxseed Oil away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. A dark shed or a fridge are recommended. 


Regular daily doses produce better results than occasional megadoses. Include Stockhealth Flaxseed Oil in your horse’s daily feed schedule for supple joints and shiny coats.